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Busy Professionals Need Powerful Business Software Tools…

Hurricane offers service professionals powerful database solutions that work in the office, at the job site, and everywhere in between.

Our Mobile Solutions (see below) can run on Windows, Mac, and iPad, or even in the browser!

Check out the links below each image to go to a detailed system description with screenshots!

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Powerful Client Proposal System –> Can Run on Windows, Mac, and iPad (or in browser)!

Highlights (see detailed notes with multiple screenshots at link below):

  • Tracks and Stores Customer Information
  • Lets You Edit/Add New Services
  • Lets You Edit/Add New Messages Which Appear on the Proposal (for Example, Due in 90 Days)
  • Creates Follow Up Items for You Automatically After Printing, Creating a Proposal PDF, or Emailing a Proposal to a Customer.
  • Gets You Directions Using Google Maps (and the Customer’s Address)
  • Lets You Add (optional) Images for a Client Proposal
  • Works on iPad (with free download from Mac AppStore), Mac, and Windows (other versions also run in browser, can be synced between devices, and are multi-user)
  • Has Powerful built-in, modern, Database, but Could Use any JDBC/ODBC Local/Remote Database like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Could Use (Import) Existing Customer Data (of almost any type or from any system!)
  • Has Easy Navigation to Various Forms (See the “View Proposal”, “See Job” Buttons on Various Forms to Quickly Take You to Related Information in a Separate Window!).
  • Automated Zip Code Validation on Client Entry Form for entered City and State.
  • No Limit (Other Than System Limitations Such as Diskspace) to How Many Clients, Proposals, Services, Terms, and Other Items the System Can Store!

See Detailed Notes here: Proposal System

Note: A multi-tab proposal page version with more space for Terms and other content is also available. Additional custom tabs could be added as needed.

Customer Information System –> Can Run on Windows, Mac, and iPad (or in browser)!

Standalone and Server Versions (with sync) Supported

See Detailed Notes Here: Customer Information System

Membership Management System —> Can Run on Windows, Mac, and iPad (or in the browser)!

See Detailed Notes Here: Membership Management System

Simple-but-Powerful Meeting Check-in Management Application –> Can Run on Windows, Mac, and iPad (or in browser)!

You can read more about the check-in application here: Check-in Application!


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