Hurricane Technology – What we can do for you!

Custom Applications

Hurricane uses state-of-the-art technologies to rapidly create database (and other) client applications. Clients can then run these database applications locally or from a server as a web application.

Hurricane creates and supports (REST or SOAP) micro-services or other technologies as needed. Micro-services give the client a single point of update, are compiled (fast), and use industry-standard code and approaches. Clients use REST micro-services from an application that supports HTTP verbs like GET and POST or SOAP micro-services using a standard WSDL. We will host your services on AWS for you (Windows, Linux, or Mac).

For clients needing additional support, Hurricane remotely connects using standard RDP tools to match what the client has or use Zoom, MS Teams, etc., when appropriate.

Working with the client, Hurricane will optionally create training videos to demonstrate techniques in applications we create or applications we maintain.


We love Java and use it extensively.

  • Spring Micro-Service applications using SpringBoot
  • Spring Web Applications
  • SparkJava Micro-Service web framework
  • Standards-based Database programming (JDBC)
    • Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, H2, (other JDBC-capable databases), FileMaker, Visual FoxPro
    • Synchronization utilities
  • General Java programming utilities
    • File System Utilities
  • Chat Systems – Integrate Chat Systems with Your COTS Applications
  • JSP, Tomcat, RegEx
  • JPA, Hibernate


Hurricane uses JavaScript, as needed for local HTML websites and for Node.js sever-type applications. We also incorporate JavaScript code in applications for specific needs.

Professionally Managed CMS Web Sites

Hurricane will manage your CMS site so you don’t have to. We will install updates and keep you up to date.

Hurricane uses advanced firewalls to keep your data as safe as possible.

You can choose between WordPress, Drupal, or similar CMS type site.

Hurricane will work with you to design your site.

Python Programming

Hurricane uses Scikit-Learn with Python for machine learning applications.

Examples of machine learning applications include: Logistic Regression, Linear Discriminant Function Analysis, Random Forests, and others.

Hurricane also uses Python for general client programming needs.

R Statistical Programming

R logo.svg

R terminal.jpg

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