Leslie from Reston, VA

I met the folks at Hurricane years ago when one of their folks came to me with an idea for a website to help me with visibility for my Pilates business.   We talked and I told him what I wanted.  Then when they came back with their ideas they were more impressive than I could have imagined. They walked me through the process, even to the point of taking pictures since the photos I had were not of the quality that he had in mind.  They put the site together and just like that I was out there on the internet with a quality product.  They have also worked with me to put my art work on the internet with another website.

Hurricane gets back to me within the day when I am having problems, usually caused by my inability to master the computer.  They have led me patiently through my problems (even when I am being unreasonable) and our phone calls always end up with me satisfied.  Also, they contact me when they wants me to try something new and keeps me posted continually as they upgrade their products.

We are now discussing changing my current Pilates site to something more currant and timely and something that I should be able to adjust on my own.  I will miss my old site but I think Hurricane is correct in suggesting the new changes.  I  am sure it will be a great site that I can handle, and look forward to working with them on the project.  Then next will come an upgrading of my art site.  One thing at a time.

-- Leslie Anthony