Are You Still USING and PAYING FOR a Proprietary Word Processor?

With all the zero-day exploits and other hacks on the DOC format, as one example. it’s amazing people still use it. Who feels comfortable double-clicking a “.DOC” file received in an email? Ahhh, well, ahhh, ….

Instead, why not just use a really great text editor? Text is the common denominator. No company can stake out “text” as proprietary and then hold you over a barrel to extract higher and higher fees with more and more restrictive Terms and Conditions.

Some companies with proprietary word processors now demand you pay a monthly fee (a “subscription” - $-$-$: Drip-Drip-Drip) to use their software. Stop paying and guess what happens? If you really need the Office Formats, why not check out the free Office Suite LibreOffice (a favorite of students and professionals)? Additionally, also consider other office suites such as Google Docs that are also free. And, as of April, 2017, Apple now offers, free of charge, all its iWork products including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote!

The great news, however, is that regular text editors are free, plentiful, and universally understood. Text is also distraction-free: you just type the text! Every program understands text. Moreover, most non-bare-bones text editors include powerful search and other features for professionals. And, text editors now support images and other advanced features.

So, why not get off the “We Got You” proprietary model merry-go-round?

Declare your independence using text today!


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