The Potential High Cost of Proprietary Rapid Application Development Software

Most software developers work under tight deadlines so finding software that makes their jobs easier or helps getting the job done more quickly is always a good thing, right?

Well, maybe not.

Consider the case when the company that makes your cool Rapid Application Development (RAD) software tool decides to do something “it” considers important, but you don’t see the benefit for you or for your organization at all.

Understanding Exponential Growth

If your city is growing at 5% per year, is this a good thing? What will the size of the city be in 10 years? Is that a linear or exponential growth?  If your checking account has a 10% interest rate, how long until you double your money? All good questions.

It’s been said that no layperson understands exponential growth and unfortunately, if that’s true, then neither do the media or popular TV shows. Try to explain exponential growth to someone and you may be greeted by a blank stare. Why does any of this matter?

First things first…

Just How Secure Is Your iPhone

A lot has been in the news lately about iPhones and the government’s wishing to get into our devices more or less on demand. Whether it’s a good idea to have a “back door” into our devices that could be used or misused, exploited by hackers, or whether setting a legal precedent for unlimited access to devices, and similar sticky issues, will be left for another blog. We’ll just say for now that it’s well documented that the government gets mostly failing grades on computer security at its various agencies (read: your data) when it’s actually trying to keep data private.

Absolute vs Relative Values

Absolute vs. Relative Values (Don't be fooled)
It's amazing just how misleading some claims being made are. OK, it's advertising, but seriously?

When an ad claims that their product "improves 'x' by 50%", does that mean it improves 'x' (or whatever 'x' is) by 50% relatively or absolutely, and what's the difference?

Example 1 (using fictitious lightening data):

Are You Using Lazy Software?

Have you ever gotten a dialog message similar to the one below when trying to use a program?

Smart Marketing, 101

Smart Marketing, 101

Personalized or data-driven marketing to your customers, "smart marketing", is something few, if any companies actually do. Most companies still just send the "blast-a-gram" to everybody with zero personalization or forethought. These types of marketing "messages" typically get thrown into the trash without the recipient (home owner, or other recipient) even glancing at the (wasted) mailing.

"It was a sophisticated hack"

You may have read this headline about the "very sophisticated hack" in a letter sent to you when a company or other data collector gets caught with lax security that they only then, after the (latest) hack, start to patch.

Thus, by all outward appearances, most companies seem to be reactionary: - IF a data breach occurs - THEN, a company take some kind of action. Then, the company often makes the data breach "sound" like there was absolutely nothing they could have done about it -- had they *been* proactive in the first place, of course.

Who Maintains Your Content Management System (CMS) for Security and Plug-in Updates?

In the old days of HTML and JavaScript, you could more or less just create a Web site and forget about it.  Of course, you still needed to update the site content, but you didn't have to worry much about the HTML.

With CMS systems, although they run in the browser just like the old HTML-only sites, you have a brand new environment.  A CMS is a complicated database-driven software system. There are no simple HTML pages - though you get the same benefits with the additional benefit that you can easily change your own content.

Private Cloud For Hurricane Customers

Hurricane is now offering dropbox-like capabilities for existing clients who don't want to use public clouds like Dropbox, iCloud, Skydive, or other public "cloud" services.

Hurricane now their clients the ability to have a dropbox-like experience starting at an additional $15 per month using a client's own private domain name.  

See our blog posting for more information!

Using the client's private cloud, there are many ways to access, sync, and share documents. Below is a brief description of those methods.

Use the Right Technology for the Requirement

Pick the right technology for the client and the job at hand.


Is Java always the best application for all client applications? Nope. In fact, although Java is one of our preferred languages, there are some client requirements where Java or similar languages/technologies would not only be too much overhead, but would take too much time for the client's expectation. 


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